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Our Legend

Who We Are

The New Triad was founded by then Japanese exchange student Akagi Furukawa and former Harvard Student Bruce Ackerman following a friendship that involved passionately discussing and acquiring the latest fashion. Following a round trip to Japan, South Korea and China by the pair, the idea of The New Triad, which refers to the aforementioned trio of countries, was born.

Streetwear in the East is very unique, and influenced by the West - many Eastern citizens wear Yeezy's, Supreme, Gucci, but rarely do we see Western citizens wearing native Eastern streetwear designs. 

The New Triad (TNT for short), is an explosive collection of curated designer clothing from the East, some with a Western touch. We have gone through the process of meticulously contacting underground and/or well known figures in the fashion world of the East to get the best possible collections.

Our Style

The Triads were the original "gangsters" of the East, and the Yakuza/Ronin style is what inspired Japanese street culture to begin with. The "New" in The New Triad represents the freshness of the brand, the founders thought that everyone on College Campuses now dress the same, conforming to trends and lacking in originality. What The New Triad aims to be, first and foremost - is original, fresh, for those who want to bounce back at life and give it everything they've got. Bored by overpriced plain white t-shirts with just a logo costing $500, The New Triad aims to bring street fashion back to what it always has been - about the DESIGNS.

How To Shop

Due to the wide variety of designers, some of our items clothing sizes are in US sizes, and others in Asian sizes, which tend to be 1-2 sizes smaller than their corresponding US size. This will be noted in the sizing section of each product, so take note as this will help you chose your correct size.

We often get questions about if our clothing is suitable for women, and the answer is absolutely yes. 40% of our customer base is female, and all items on our website, despite our predominantly male models, are unisex.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to have your order processed within 24 hours, as long as you order on a week day, so that our warehouse can keep up with your order. We guarantee to you to use the best quality materials, in the best working conditions to create the perfect product for you. We will not rest until you are satisfied.